New Page Masters Book Club Selections!!

What can you do in the summer months, when school is out and the heat of the day spills into every corner of the yard?

Read, write and blog.

Every year I compile a heap of titles, some pinned to my Pinterest account, some purchased and laying on whatever surface or shelf has any room at all, and others written hastily in my journal, that I long to read. It is during the summer months that I finally get the chance to barrel through them, unrestrained and hungry for the characters and worlds that exist between the pages.

So, while I will read many, many more books than those selected for the Page Masters book club, I want to invite friends and followers to choose a title and read with me. Selfishly, because this way I have someone to talk to about the books. I mean, it hurts when you turn the last page and the adventure ends. Talking with friends makes it last that much longer.

The selections for July have been posted on the Page Master page. I cannot think of anything that ties them together (yet), except for my deep desire to read them. So check them out, and read them if you want to (this isn’t mandatory after all; its for fun!).

If you have other books you are reading, let me know, and I’ll join you.

Welcome to summer reading!

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