Setting Your Character Down

I saw this beautiful photograph today, by Lars Leber Photography:

Lars Leber Photography

I couldn’t help but think, who would live here, in the shades of sunset and lavender? Is this the opening scene in their story, or the close?

Writing Prompt:

Create a character who would have a story to tell about the place in the photograph.
Why do they live here? How do they live here? What is their favorite hobby, their least favorite thing to do? What problems do they have in the life, and how do they try to solve those problems?

Bonus Prompt:
Tell their story.

So it begins.


After a year of writing down the plots and characters that sprang from my brain, like Athena from Zeus, I have finally decided to share them with more than my wonderful critique partners.

Conveniently, I have also landed my dream job of teaching creative writing and journalism to middle school students, giving me a glorious abundance of guest writers and contributors to make this blog something more than a personal cathartic expulsion.

So I have created this online playground where I and my students can carouse (well, I will carouse- students shall just frolic), explore, experiment and discover the wonders of writing and publishing.

Unfortunately, I have to wait until August to add students. Until then, it’s all me.

So, for whatever audience we gain- here’s what you’re signing up for:

  • Weekly posts highlighting the writing that my students and I are creating
  • Resource pages on the craft and practice of writing (and journalism)
  • Writing Prompts and Inspirational Sparks
  • Whatever else I, The Commander of Creativity and Tyrant of the Blog, deem acceptable to publish

I hope you enjoy!